Welcome to my site, a little glimpse inside the world of Tobin Elliott.  It's not pretty in here, though there's times when a little light breaks through. 

I write ugly stories about bad people doing horrible things. I write things my mother won't read. 

I've written Vanishing Hope, a novella published by Burning Effigy Press that introduces you to the world of The Book.  There's more of those stories coming, trust me. 

I've also written a Sam Truman Mystery for Abattoir Press called Soft Kiss, Hard Death.  I make some people suffer there, let me tell you.

I've got a story, "Stealing Corey" in the Whispered Words anthology.

So come on in, look around. Link over to my Facebook page, my Twitter page, or even my LinkedIn page.

Just don't get lost....You may never be found again.