No Hope

The Second in the Cycle of the Aphotic World: No Hope

No Hope is the second story in a loosely-connected series tied together by the Book, known as the Aphotic World Cycle.

Picking up directly after the events of Vanishing Hope, the Book finds another owner.

Theo understands some of the shit Stinky Pete is going through and extends an offer of friendship. But the Book has already seduced Stinky Pete, using his desperation to escape his abusive home life as its starting point. The Book offers a solution: summon a demon to kill his father.

But when the demon Swlabr is summoned to the high school, hell breaks loose...literally. What happens next will test Theo and his small band of survivors to their limits. They'll have to overcome their own inner demons if they're ever going to find a way to overcome the actual demons in their midst.

No Hope is in a bit of a holding pattern currently while I figure out exactly what to do with it.


When I get some, I'll plug them in here.