Soft Kiss, Hard Death

Soft Kiss, Hard Death

Soft Kiss, Hard Death is the third Sam Truman Mystery.  Each of the mysteries is written by a different author, each adding his own take on the life of Sam.

Who is Sam Truman? 
From the website:

There was a time when Sam Truman was a respected Private Eye in the City, but then he shot an unarmed man and his license was revoked.  That might have been the end of the road for Sam, but then a dead woman came knocking at his door...

In Soft Kiss, Hard Death, after having tackled walking corpses, black magic and Hell's own army in the first mystery (Catch My Killer), and a nascent alien invasion and a serial killer in the second (The Last Invasion), Sam is hired by a man whose extramarital dalliance has resulted in a lot more than he bargained for when the girl in question deposits something horrible inside his body and then promptly dies.

Now Sam finds himself chasing the dead girl’s doppelganger
all over the city, from seedy bars to the city morgue, in an effort to discover what she is and how he can stop her before she can spread her bizarre brand of lovemaking to another poor sap.

The Sam Truman Mysteries are a series of hardboiled supernatural detective stories from Abattoir Press. So far, the ebook volumes include:

Sam Truman 01: Catch My Killer! by Ed Kurtz

Sam Truman 02: The Last Invasion by Brandon Zuern

Sam Truman 03: Soft Kiss, Hard Death by Tobin Elliott

Sam Truman 04: Bound By Jade by Adam Cesare

Sam Truman 05: The Pale Man by Nate Southard

Order the Soft Kiss, Hard Death ebook here. You can read the first few pages before you buy.

If hard copies are more your style, you can order The Sam Truman Mysteries Omnibus here. It collects the first three mysteries.


Mar 05, 2013: Goodreads review by Kate Arms-Roberts

"This case has a high ick factor, which Elliott delivers effectively."

Dec 23, 2012: Soft Kiss, Hard Death from

"Elliott has absolutely nailed the character and his understated, sarcastic humour is a pleasure to read."

Sep 07, 2012: Soft Kiss, Hard Death by Tobin Elliott from

"Elliott has a flair for the flesh… meaning that he really likes making his characters deal with things that they really shouldn’t have to."