Stealing Corey

Stealing Corey from the Whispered Words anthology

Stealing Corey is one of the stories in the Whispered Words anthology, and was chosen as a semi-finalist from the 220 entries submitted to the contest.

After the death of Corey, his best friend takes his ashes and looks over their lives, how they got to where they were... and how Corey died. This ain't a feel-good story.

Unfortunately the Whispered Words anthology has sold out and is no longer for sale.


Below is the feedback received from the two judges. I’ve only pulled comments that serve as spoilers. If I’m lucky enough to get a review, I’ll include that too.

Apr 13, 2012: From the first judge.

“Your prose is excellent, and you provide a lot of details to paint mental pictures. Her voice is strong, she is a deep character, but she doesn’t seem tormented enough… I think you can torment her further.”

Actually, the “she” is a “he” but I’m not going to quibble.

Apr 13, 2012: From the second judge.

“This is a dark, well-written, perfectly paced story with strong circularity and a surprising ending. I’m extremely impressed by your mastery of description and imagery, particularly with the descriptions of sand. Your dialogue is pitch-perfect, and your characters ring true. There are a few places where there are awkward sentence constructions and strange word choices, but those can be easily smoothed out. I certainly hope this is the beginning of a young adult novel or at least a longer short story. Good luck and congrats – you have a unique voice that will take you far.”