Vanishing Hope

The First in the Cycle of the Aphotic World: Vanishing Hope

Vanishing Hope is the first story in a loosely-connected series tied together by The Book, known as the Aphotic World Cycle.

The Book knows your dark places. It knows your weaknesses. It knows your innermost desires. It feels your pain and knows how to twist it to its own needs. It knows how to become your best friend.

All the things we can do together... 

Talia is nine years old. The Book is ancient. Talia hates her life. The Book exploits hate. It shows you all the things you can do to those you hate. All the ways you can hurt them. Talia is powerless. The Book is power.

Now the Book has found Talia.

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These are the links to the reviews for Vanishing Hope. If you want to play a game as you’re reading, count how many times my last name is misspelled as “Elliot” instead of “Elliott”.

Jan 20, 2012: Author Spotlight: Tobin Elliott, Deus Ex Machina from Nine Day Wonder

“…he finds some spare moments to write ugly stories about bad people doing horrible things.”

Jan 09, 2012: Vanishing Hope – The Well-Read Undead RETURNS from

“This is the first published book by author Tobin Elliot and I am definitely looking forward to reading more of his work.”

Jan 02, 2012: Vanishing Hope – Tobin Elliott from

“I wanted it to be longer. I wanted more details, I wanted to read more about Talia and her activities, and I DEFINITELY want to read the next book.”

Dec 02, 2011: Fit for a King…Fan – If you liked Carrie from

“If you like Carrie by Stephen King…check out Vanishing Hope by Tobin Elliot”

Nov 20, 2011: Pigtails, Vanishing Hope, and Dreadful Tales from

“it’s an engrossing read and a fun story if you like possessed books, mean girls, and unbridled hatred”

Aug 30, 2011: Vanishing Hope by Tobin Elliott from

“a literary release of aggression and pain that forces the reader to face some incredibly uncomfortable situations head on.”