Creative Writing Course – Fiction Writing

I have suspended teaching for the time being. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Do you write every chance you get?  Or are you the type that thinks about it all the time, but never quite gets around to it?  Have you started several writing projects but stalled out before completing any of them?  Or maybe you have great ideas but don’t know how to get started?

Learn the fundamentals of fiction writing with this 12-week interactive course.  Designed for the absolute beginner to those who’ve been writing for years but want to sharpen and hone their craft.

The course is kept light, with lots of laughing and joking and interaction. Questions and sharing of material is encouraged. If you're going to spend 36 hours with me, the least I can do is make it fun for you!

You’ll learn about building a solid, interesting plot, creating memorable characters, increasing the suspense and bringing it all to an engaging, satisfying finish.  You’ll find out more about readying your manuscript for agents and editors.  You’ll gain a better understanding of the various forms of publishing, such as self-publishing, small press and traditional publishing.  Finally, you’ll hear more about the various formats, such as ebook, audiobook and print formats.

All genres of writing are covered. Don't let all the scary pics on this site make you think it's only horror.

About Tobin Elliott

Tobin has been teaching Creative Writing since 2000 and has had over 400 students come through his class. Many have gone on to be published.


"Tobin leads you through all the steps in an informative, non-threatening and entertaining format. Try it!"

"One of the best classes I've ever taken. It's helped me with my writing so much, there's a clear difference between my starting work and the work I ended on."

"Tobin's a great teacher, relatable and funny and makes you look forward to next week's class. Excellent."
M. T.

"Everything that I was hoping to be covered during the course, was."
M. H.

"Appropriate for both green and seasoned writers, this course was informative and a whole lot of fun."
S. H.

"Tobin made me feel like a writer from the very first class."

"Tobin's feedback was detailed and beneficial. Thanks for a stimulating course!"
J. B.

"[Tobin] provided both guidance and inspiration. I now have the confidence and the desire to write."
Chris C.

"As a teacher, [Tobin] definitely challenges and motivates you. As a writer, he takes you step-by-step through what to expect. Highly recommended."

"Tobin's course provided realistic expectations for writing. His humour and life experience has been a benefit to myself and my writing."
Chantal B.

"I fell in love with this class. I learned how to think outside the box while keeping my story relatable and believable. You make learning fun!"
R. D.

"Great insight into writing. I learned a heck of a lot."

"If you are in need of an ass-kicking to get writing, take Tobin's course. He delivers."

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